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PAAN SINGH TOMAR : Simply Thought Provoking!

This is my first post on HB's Universe and i feel i came across a wonderful subject like PAAN SINGH TOMAR to speak as my first post on this blog.

On usual Sunday afternoon, as we were trying to kill our time in mercury rising climate at RAJKOT (summers in Rajkot have their own charm ...), we ie my wife Jahnvi, my brother-in-law Prakash and myself decided to go for screening of PAAN SINGH TOMAR - after having a lofty Sunday afternoon Ghar kaa Khaanaa (Yes, for us home food is the best luxury of our life on weekends, a little juxtaposing as compared to others, as usually people prefer to lunch/dine out on weekends, but as i spend 5 weekdays away from home usually eating my two time meals outside on street food joints in city of Ahmedabad, my better-half - Jahnvi, my wife emphasizes and makes it sure that we have home cooked food ...) 

Touching back to our original subject, this new genre of producers and directors including Ronnie Screwwala, Rakyesh Om Prakash Mehra, Vishal Bhardwaj, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Apoorva Lakhia, Sudhir Mishra, Imtiyaz Ali etc etc - have not only taken the Indian cinema successfully far away from an era of formula films, but have equally compelled the cinema viewers also to think out of box, by making movies on subjects which have been forgotten and have merely remained in limelight as part of limited media activism. 

This new genre of Producers and Directors are not only re-defining the meaning of, "Cinema based Activism OR Activism through Cinema..." but have also proved it strongly that what kind of strength medium like cinema has, when it comes to trigger activism.  This breed did just not touch the subjects, but also treated such subjects in a state-of-the-art manner without removing away such subjects from its originality.  What was once considered as an ART CINEMA and hardly any producer or director dared to touch it, this breed has given a midas touch to such subjects and PAAN SINGH TOMAR is another such example, as to what kind of life this creators can pump-in, especially when plots are unplotten and the characters are also not realized.

From past experience of having watched several Tigmanshu Dhulia directed flicks including Haasil (in year 2003), Charas (in year 2004), Shagird and Sahib, Biwi & Gangster (in year 2011), once thing was rest assured - that though partially aware of the plot of PAAN SINGH TOMAR, where an international athlete turns dacoit, treatment of the plot was but obviously going to be thought provoking.  

Tishu (nickname of Tigmanshu Dhulia in Hindi Cinema Industry) has always treated a very normal subject in a viewer convenient format of entertainment, but his movies always have had question mark at an end, compelling his viewers to think what now from here.  Again the best part of Tishu's movies is that no expensive foreign locales, but it has always been locales mainly from "Unexplored India" and that is what largely is USP of Tishu.  PAAN SINGH TOMAR also at several place has that flavor of USP of Tishu, where he has depicted what they call CHAMBAL or BIHAD in Madhya Pradesh, in its best possible original format, using all possible angles of Cinematography and Art.  Also how the gangs at this place are organized and follow the clan-command, is depicted in an excellent manner.

But, once again as expected PAAN SINGH TOMAR is a wonderful product from UTV Motion Pictures is a thought provoking movie and especially how the system within the nation has treated our UNSUNG SPORTS (barring Cricket) HEROES.

People who have brought pride and honor for the nation by pushing themselves beyond limits and when their honor is tarnished in a society controlled by muscle power, rebels like PAAN SINGH TOMAR are born, one such opening dialogue of the movie speaks all about it, "Daaku? Daaku to Parliament mein hote hai, Bihad mein to Baagi hote hai ...".

PAAN SINGH TOMAR, opens in a flash-back format wherein a journalist from a local newspaper is in process to access Irfan Khan (who plays character of PAAN SINGH TOMAR) to get an interview and finally manages using some connections of his Defense Background to reach him, as Irfan Khan also happened to be an Ex-serviceman and then the narrative starts, which at one point merges into the mainstream subject and finally deals with an end.  But a scene, wherein corrupt cop throws away Gold Medal won by Irfan, while he goes to file complaint about his son being brutally beaten by family rivals on land dispute matters, compels viewers to think, that is this the state of affair of our nation?  Wherein some government official sitting on a chair after clearing all requisite exams (including General Knowledge Test) is simply busy abusing his power and purposefully fails to realize the worth of someone who has brought honor to the nation.

But obviously PST reminds you of the much acclaimed controversial flick THE BANDIT QUEEN by Shekhar Kapoor, but Tishu has been careful in usage of Language and has made it sure that despite of the vernacular touch in entire script, no where abusive language finds a way.

An absolute neat and clean movie, but an obvious thought provoking material, because when our country is passing through an adolescent age of being a capitalism driven economy, if efforts of such national heroes will not be a part of our main-stream, than we will have more and more PAAN SINGH TOMARs fighting for their rights in such a brutal manner.

Just imagine when soldiers of our nation against all human survival conditions in -40 degree Celsius temperature are safeguarding the nation and citizens and when their honor or self-respect is tarnished or when they are devoid or denied of justice because of the corrupt practice, what this humans trained to protect themselves and kill enemies will not do and to what extent will they suppress themselves against the peer-pressure of capitalism driven greed?  This is the question, which any viewer would once always think, while he/she is out from cinema hall after watching PAAN SINGH TOMAR.

Please do not go on any views and reviews, but yes - do not miss to watch PAAN SINGH TOMAR, as no ratings can really prove the worth of this movie.  Movie which did not even go on any promotional drive, but the viewers themselves after coming out from cinema hall using their smartphones are busy posting comments on their social networking handles stating, "PAAN SINGH TOMAR, JUST EXCELLENT ..." 

Mr Amitabh Bachchan's (Big B's) mention on PAAN SINGH TOMAR on his twitter handle as follows :- 

@ SrBachchan : "Paan Singh Tomar" : a stupendous film .. Tighmanshu Dhulia and Irrfan you are exceptional gentlemen ..many more laurels for you ! 
@SrBachchan : Restraint, in cinema, is the most difficult art in creativity .. " Paan Singh Tomar " is the perfect example of it ..
@SrBachchan : and what a tribute to the unsung sports heroes of the nation, who after the glory they bring, pass away in penury ..
 @SrBachchan : "Still consuming the intoxication of the film " Paan Singh Tomar " ..,  

"Best Luck and enjoy viewing PAAN SINGH TOMAR ..." - from the Blogger and please stay tunned and keep in touch ...

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Lavanya said...

Now that is some movie! I guess I need to watch it myself.

Btw, happy Holi to you, your family and your readers!

Lavanya said...

Now that is some movie! I guess I need to watch it myself.

Btw, happy Holi to you, your family and your readers!

jahnhims said...

Paan Singh Tomar is really heart touching movie. We can say, its one of the best efforts in Hindi Film Industry...making us realize how the great persons who bring honor to our country, are ill treated...and the commitment level that Paan singh has for his sports is really great..

Dushyant Joshi said...

Very well said Himanshubhai. Just watched PST yesterday. A great movie after long time in Bollywood, and yes superb execution. Always a treat to watch such movies. And you said it well, The Jawans and the real sports heroes are still being neglected. Hope this will end soon and people will start giving some respects to such heroes. I can see some moments started with Abhinav Bindra, Vijendra Sing... Hope this will continue. And so looking forward to your next blog.